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Whats A Spacer For Teeth

A spacer for teeth is placed around the molars before you get your braces, to create more space for the braces to do their job. Then, when it's time to get braces, your spacers come out and a molar band will be placed around each of your back molars, in order to anchor your braces. But a dental spacer can refer to other things. In terms of cosmetic dentistry, a “removable spacer” can refer to a removable bridge, which is used to replace a missing tooth. Dental spacers for adults, in particular, might use this definition.

If you’re part. Separators or spacers are used to create a space between adjacent teeth, to help with the accurate placement of orthodontic bands in the required region (Malagan MA et al.,2014). If there is insufficient separation, it can lead to improper seating of bands and.

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